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We at Bilcon Australia are the nominated agents to sell Bilcon Products, including a wide range of concrete jacking pipes and reinforced rubber ring pipes.

Bilcon Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of precast concrete products in Singapore & Malaysia. We have been involved in supplying high quality concrete products since 1963 to meet the demand for infrastructure precast unit products. As early as the 70s, Bilcon Industries earned its reputation as a specialist in the manufacturing of spun reinforced concrete pipes.

The innovation never stops as we grow. Over the years, we had put in countless efforts in developing the production processes of high-quality jacking pipes for trenchless tunnelling. Our high strength jacking pipes are presently the system of choice for leading contractors in Singapore. Bilcon Industries is now cooperating with reputable technology firms such as Schlusselbauer Technology to increase our productivity through automation and introduce innovative precast civil products into the local market.