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Construction Services

Our consultants are experienced in the fields of engineering, land development and infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunneling, roadworks & earthworks. We will review your requirements and provide your business with suggestions and recommendations for improvement.

We also provide competitive analysis to help you with pricing and valuation. This includes valuation benchmarks based on your company’s size, stage of business and current market.

Our consultants target investors based on their fund size & availability, deal size & structure, investment directive & standards and geographical preferences.

Additionally, we provide the following services:

  1. Business Development
  2. Contract management
  3. Joint venture brokering
  4. Certification in ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), and AS/NZS 4801 (Safety)
  5. Design of Tunnel lining Segment sections
  6. Design of Jacking Pipes to varies requirements
  7. Drainage & HDPE pipe installation through our associate company
  8. FRP concrete construction through our associate company
  9. Complete logistic services for local and international projects

If you are interested, we would love to hear from you.